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Thanks all!!!

I have had hard time feeding them cause all I can get right now is frozen food... Tried frozen baby brine shrimp, dried cyclops...neither worked

Frozen bloodworms with limited success...the ones i got were probably too big for their tiny mouths...and they weren't interested in dead bloodworms obviously...I had to wave the bloodworms with a tweezers in between plants to get their attention...

So far Frozen brine shrimps seem to work, I wont say they are crazy about them, but at
least they get fat belly after the meals.

I also got some shrimps in tank now so I am hoping they could feed on some shrimplets

I dunno what triggered the mating...perhaps it was the slightly murky and cooler water after the water change (or change in water chemical). The subdued lighting might have helped too...but I have absolutely no idea cause that male used to chase the female off very aggressively all the time, I was surpised when I saw them actually swam together :P
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