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The end result of all that drilling was a bunch of nice straight holes. This is one of two strips of plywood that will eventually be used to attach the top to the sides. It has holes for 4 connector bolts.

Here they are attached to the top and base of the stand using pocket hole screws.

I carefully lined up the holes in those pieces to make matching sets of holes through the plywood sides and into some 4 x 1.5 pine screw strips. These screw strips are a central part of the build - all the other parts of the tank will attach together using these strips. To provide an attachment point for the top and base to the sides, I'm using some threaded insert nuts.

I drilled and glued these into the screw strips using Gorilla Glue

I then drilled pairs of holes in the ends of the screw strips to accommodate cross dowel/barrel nuts.

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