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Planning first time Paludarium, questions please

I have a 180 peninsula style planted Discus tank that just sprung a leak. It's near the very top so OK for now but I don't trust it full of water long-term, but a few inches in the bottom sure. So I'm in the process of finding a home for my Discus (very sad) & plan to use this tank for a paludarium.

The tank is 60x30x24". I'd like to set it up using much of the rocks & wood I already have. Here is an older photo so you can see what I'm talking about.

I'm thinking a higher area of land & maybe a spring or small waterfall on the left with taller plants, a stream that would run diagonal left to right kinda like the low area in the tank now and leave the wood more or less where it is with it setting in a boggy area.

Was thinking for critters something like fire belly toads & newts, small fish in the stream & maybe a some kind of climbing lizard like a anole for taller places. I have a friend I can get some pitcher plants from for the bog area & would like a bunch Epiphyte types growing on the wood.

This tank was a reef tank in it's earlier life, So I already have all kinds of pumps, filters, T5's & metal halide lights a bunch.

I have started reading threads here enough to see how much I need to learn, but this isn't going to happen over night anyway. Any suggestions and links to good info & supplies about & for plants, animals, soil, lighting etc would be appreciated. Probably not books though as I'm not much for reading long technical articles, a bit dyslexic but really good with practical stuff.

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