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I spent some time this past weekend getting the hard pipe mocked up, then glued.

I still need to test my co2 reactor and finalize that. It currently has a 1" id tube instead of a pvc pipe to grab the water from the bottom and allow the co2 mixing in. hopefully it works out well as I couldn't adhere pvc to the plastic of this water purifier unit.

I haven't ran water through this finished piping; yet. I am currently laying down eggcrate, then going hunting for rocks. I'll rough out the hardscape then refill with water and get things running again.

lastly, I need to figure out the baffles and filtration within the pump. I need two smaller heaters for the "refuge" area, along with the filtration media, which i'm thinking will be mainly sponge and stuffing. I don't believe i'll need tons of bio filtering considering the tank will be planted, as will the "refuge". I'll be relying on the plants themselves, as well as the bacteria on their surface, to do the biological work.

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