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Lightbulb How to grow marimo balls very fast

I bought a marimo ball on eBay after I did some research on cultivating them. It is usual that they grow only around 5mm a year. I read that if you take one and make several little clumps out of it, it will grow much quicker. Has anyone ever done this with success? From the article below, the author supposedly had significant growth in the marimo in only a month.

Here's the link
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IME they grow really slow, no matter what. But I've never tried dividing a big one up like that guy did, so I guess there's no harm in trying.

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The marimo ball came in the mail yesterday, all the way from the United Kingdom, in perfect condition except for being a little squished. I ripped it into a bunch of pieces and fluffed each piece up like a cotton ball. I checked on them this morning, and each piece seems fluffier and a little rounder, but to be sure that it isn't a placebo effect, I took some photos of them yesterday and I will take some photos today and I will compare the photos. I will post the photos of the growth of the marimo.
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I think this is a trick of the eye or just how you perceive them.

example is you take a 1 inch marimo ball and it grows 1 inch in total diameter it looks twice as big. look how much it grew!

take a 4-6 inch marimo ball and have it grow an inch it only grew slightly in comparison to the total ball so its perceived growth is less. Also you gotta think that even if the 4-6 inch ball only grew a 1/2 inch that it id more than the 1 inch ball because the surface area is so much greater.

anyways that's my take on it
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actually, i disagree with craig here. a 4-6 inch ball will only grow 1 inch in a given amount of time, a 1 inch ball will grow the same amount in the same given time period. BUT, if you break up the 4-6 inch ball into 4-6 one-inch balls, and each one grows 1 inch in the given period, then you have 4-6 inches of growth instead of 1.

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surface area of 4 inch diameter ball with radius of 2 inches, 4(pi)r^2 = 50.265 sq inch

volume of a 4 inch ball = 4/3 (pi) r^3 = 33.5 cubic inches

now lets say u divide the ball into several 1 inch diameter balls with radii of .5 inches

volume of a 1 inch diameter ball with radii of .5 inches = 4/3 (pi) r^3 = 0.52 inches,

volume of 4 inch ball / volume of 1 inch balls this gives us the number of one inch balls we can make out of the volume of the 4 inch ball

therefore we should be able to make 64.4 balls with one inch diameter.

back to original equation to calculate surface area of 64.4 balls with one inch diameter

4 (pi) r^2 * 64 (for 64 balls) = ~201 sq. inches

therefore, i would anticipate that with 4 x as much surface area for the balls to grow that there would be roughly 4 x as much growth because the balls have more surface area exposed to the light and nutrients, yadda yadda

this is all just an example, im not sure what vladdy did if my math is wrong please correct me lol,
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So, 1.5 years later... any updates?
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lolz, no updates eh. I just got this balls from malaysia , 3 balls, and i use excel so got worried and started googling , landed here.

So do they flourish or not? what was the growth ?
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I had a Marimo Ball at one time. I divided it up into smaller pieces, but I never notice any fast growth. If anything they grew very slow for me, could have been my set up.

Of course Marimo Balls grow in a current that constantly turns them and thus the round shape of them. So you would probably have to constantly turn them to achieve even growth on all sides and the round effect.


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I have now 6 marimo balls!

Because when the LFS woman ask me which one I want?
I go for the long one about 10 cm longiline and deformed one, she thinks what a fool !!!...

he, he, he, :P >>>>>> at home I transformed it to 6 little balls.

Who got a place in my special stone botomed Diy co2 and full of floating riccia fish bowl in what I put the weekly mulm what I was vacuming in my 10 gallon tank!

When the natural light going down i turn on my desk lamp and the marimo moss balls continue the pearling!!!
they get a early morning stiring to keep the round shape!

So they are growing???? or not? :P
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nice thanks for the replies.

I think if you squeeze them and if they still collect air and start bouncing on top . that is growing i.e active marimo , the bounce and rolling stimulates more growth. from what i read on google so far.

I am very intrigued by the significance Marimo balls has in Japanese culture. They are considered good luck, kept near cash counters or in homes , people make wishes to marimo balls and if it keeps growing/healthy people see it as very good luck , its round shape and green colour is assumed as healthy green version on mother earth etc. Very nice.

But i got this marimo balls totally dried up due to shipping , they were gift , the friend is in malaysia and he didnt knew it will take 11 days to ship at my place . i have sinked them in tank and squeezed them in round shape, Hope they dont die off and come alive and pearling and bouncing . even that will be enuf for me .
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Just ordered my first Marimo and am so excited to have found this community so I wanted to think the original poster for this thread because it came up in a google search and lead me here!!

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Marimo! Marimo! Hai !

Thats the real samurai warcry?

My little balls had stop growing after we are moved for a new location the old was faced to the morning sun.

I will not tell you the focusing sunrays story who burnt the furniture along his path but happend for real.


So they don't love the afternoon sun I think.
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wow i always thought it was a rock
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I had one for years, I never saw any growth, but it didn't die either. Lol
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