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Lilly leaves deteriorating

Hello, hopefully somebody can help me figure out what is going on with my tank.

I started a 5 gallon hex a month or so ago with a few stargrass stems and a cheap lilly bulb from walmart. At first the lilly absolutely exploded, doubling in size weekly and sending new leaves to the surface almost daily.

Next thing I knew the stems on a few of the leaves began disinegrating and pretty soon brown splotches were forming/spreading/consuming the leaves. Now nearly every leaf is affected and I have resorted to keeping the light off to hopefully halt (or at least stall) whatever is happening.

Prior to this I was dosing the tank on an EI routine with excel. I used fluval stratum for the substrate and I can't say exactly how many wpg the tank was getting, but I know that it was probably med-high.

I tried dosing more GH booster thinking that it might be a Calcium deficiency (I noticed a few of the newer leaves were misshapen) but that didn't appear to help.

The stargrass, though it never showed as robust growth as the lilly, doesn't seem to be affected.

Any advice would be great, I know it wasn't an expensive plant but it is going to drive me nuts if I don't figure out what went wrong!
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1) Exactly what light setup are you using?
2) Additional CO2?
3) Root tabs? I use Tetra tabs

it's natural for lilies to go into dormancy if stressed

Was there a recent abrupt temperature change from a water change?
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1) I'm using one of these:
2) I did have DIY C02 on that tank in the early stages but had problems with the yeast running up the airline tubing into the tank. I figured that the floating leaves were providing enough C02 to the lilly but I added 1/4 tsp excel daily for the stargrass.
3) No root tabs

The temp does fluctuate during water changes but it's been that way since the beginning. That's interesting to hear about lilies going dormant d/t abrupt change though... Now that I think about it I did add a larger dose of GH booster the day before this started happening. I did a >50% water change the next day though, and have returned to my normal dosing pattern. Is there any way to reverse the process once it has started?
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pictures would be helpful. and if you started CO2 while the plant was in the tank and then stopped it may be dying back due to the loss of CO2. ive experienced this
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1) I don't know about reversing it, but the best thing to do is nothing, least of which is adding Gh booster, consider a root tab instead,

2) Invest in 24W strips of T5 HO fluorescents or 100Wequivalent(1000+Lumens) spiral 6500K CFL bulbs which are WAYYY better than LED clip ons
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Update- after leaving the light off and the tank alone for a couple of weeks the lilly has started to (slowly) put out new, healthy leaves. I think it was just a matter of shocking it into dormancy. Thank you all for your help!
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Those dwarf lillies are very funny. Mine seem to get sad looking until I cut them back. I remove about 2-4 leaves a week. (giant 10" pads might be a better description).

Any other ferts? I noticed mine are very happy with elevated phosphates and potassium.
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if the bulb is buried uncover it. that will rot the bulb. ive never used fert with them so i dont know about that but i have had the same bulb with leaves on it 90% of the time for the last 8 yrs or so. some times it helps to pull the bulb and let it dry for a week or so. the one time i had a big problem with mine i did that and it came back better than ever. i dont let the pads get to the top either. i always cut the runners and that makes the leaves stay close to the bulb and get nice and full.
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I was dosing Green Leaf Aquarium's GH booster, KH2P04 and KNO3 one day, and DIY tropicana on opposite days. On another note I've noticed that my other planted tanks are doing fine with reduced dosing (Macros and micros only 1-2 x per week) and I'd even say that my anubias & bolbitis are doing better.
I'll keep that in mind about drying out the bulb if this ever happens again, but I don't know if I'm sold on cutting the runners to the surface pads.. it seems like those would be the most beneficial to the plant (providing C02)?
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