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Cichlid People

I recently made a craigslist purchase with the deal came two different cichilids. One is a peacock cichlid and the other is a cobalt cichlid. The cobalt is mean as hell. I have them both in a tank of there own as they were sharing a 20 gallon with 15 other fish. Im trying to figure out how to sex these. Ive never been a into cichlids but i have to say these two are beautiful. the colors are amazing but im thinking im gonna have to give the cobalt its own tank as it rules the 20 gallon with an iron mouth..... very mean. So im trying to figure out how to determine sex as i would like to purchase the opposite sex for them and give them each a mate.

Also, the peacock seems non-agressive. WOuld it be ok in my community tank which has amano shrimp and neons or should i set up a 10 gallon?

Any advice and or links would be greatly appreciated. I can post pictures later on if needed. Thanks
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