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Yes I have about 4-5in . in the foreground and slightly deeper in the rear. I have a very heavily planted rear of the tank(ludwigia, cabomba, wisteria,rotala,lloydia,etc....)and feel that with the extra depth the root systems can go pretty deep and have a great supply of nutrients. I have had tanks with a 50/50 mix of laterite/gravel and only 3 in depth with varying success. Case in point-I have a 55g with this mix (the 50/50 and only 3 in deep)with a large patch of echinodorus tennelus dying off -I believe the reason is the plant has absorbed every last bit of nutrients from the substrate and it grew so thick that the roots are probably choking each other out......I would have been better off with a much deeper substrate. Im sure there are other sources of info on this forum elsewhere on ideal substrate depth........
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