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I recently started up my 72g with 140#s of eco-complete. I must say that I have been very impressed with this product. As a matter of fact I have used laterite in a few tanks now and the eco complete seems to do a much better job. An extra bonus is that eco-complete comes with bacteria already in the bag-thereby cycling your tank that much faster. One other cool thing is that eco-complete has an ability to "settle" itself. By that I mean that there are different granule sizes in each bag. The larger granules stay on top while the finer granules shift to the bottom-which is much preferred by your plants sensitive roots. Im sure 180-200#s would be plenty for your 90g. As stated before I have 140#s and have about a 6-7in. rear depth with about 4-5in. of foreground depth.....yeah its expensive but worth it
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