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Originally Posted by j03yYunG View Post
nice job on the remodeling. Plants yet?

still working on plumbing. I've decided to waste all the money i've spent on the tubes and went with pvc. it's much quieter w/ 45 degree turns slowing the flow a bit and no reducers.

i've glued a pvc coupling right to a small section of tube that connects to the overflow kit's barb. the one side is complete, i'll glue up the other tonight i think and plan the return pvc a little better to clean up the area.

after that I need to measure and plan the baffles for the sump. I'm debating on a refuge area still. The heater I have is a 400w marineland. it's too big! and doesnt heat the water enough to reach 80. so i'm thinking of biting the bullet and purchasing two smaller heaters and trying to sell the 400w second hand.

slowly getting there. this month will be slow on any more progress past that. having just paid for a wedding WHILE renovating our basement hurts the wallet.
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