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Well the tank is definitely not ready for more fish yet. Bacteria is having a hard time keeping up with the addition of tetra and shrimp. Since they've been added it's been a daily water test, seeing the ammonia at .25-.5 and nitrates 30-40. I did 20% water changes. However today I had to be away from home, and of course when I finally got home near midnight the shrimp were hiding and the fish were not swimming right and the gills had streaks of blood yikes! Poisoning! Instantly did a test, ammonia was .5, nitrates 40, and oh no I even saw some nitrites! Did a 40 percent water change immediately with prime and got the levels to .25 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 5 nitrates. I thought it might have been the petrified wood but i did a pH test before the water change and it was 6.8, after water change was 6.6, both seemed fine. Probably it was what i initially thought - the bacteria just hasn't caught up yet. I also took all debris off the prefilter and out of the filter, and just tossed the carbon filter, that thing wasn't helping. It's been an hour now since the water change and everything looks fine, guess I'll sleep on it and make certain I'm home to do water changes each night before it's too late!

BTW the hiding shrimp came out of hiding after the water change - I'm glad they made it!

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