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Low-tech Salad - 6 Different Easy Plants $19 shipped

Low-tech Salad - 6 Different Easy Plants $19 shipped

For $19 shipped you will get each of the six selections below as small-medium plants. The Anubias are rhizomes about 1" long, while the crypts are smallish shoots 4"-6" tall. I can imagine all of these plants looking good together.
  • C. pontederiifolia - This is one of my favorite plants! It grows well underwater or emersed and can get to be pretty large (12"+) with time. Emersed plants bloom frequently with yellow-throated spathes.
  • C. balansae - This distinctive crypt has long, strap-like, emerald green leaves. It works well as a background screen plant and can grow to 36" tall, but you can also maintain it as shorter foliage. This plant is an especially good choice for hard water conditions.
  • Anubias barteri var. coffeefolia - With its wavy leaf margins this foliage of this barteri variety resembles a coffee plant. This plant grows slowly and stays rather short. The new leaves have a distinctive bronze coloration.
  • A. nangi - This newly-available Anubias has attractive almond-shaped leaves.
  • A. minima - Another species with a distinctive foliage shape, this small-growing Anubias has elongate leaves with wavy margins.
  • Bacopa monnieri - This very common plant grows underwater as straight vertical stems with pairs of small oval leaves and looks good planted in small groups of stems . It is also a great plant for growing emersed in ripariums, wabi kusa or container ponds, where the stems grow as a sprawling mat of foliage.
This is a nice combination of plants at a real good price. Just let me know if you have any questions at all.

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