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Thanks! Yep the ten tetras are happily schooling around! I intentionally asked for juvie shrimp so they'd grow up used to this tank, but yeah I hope the tetra don't develop a taste for them before the shrimp molt up a few sizes! Actually the biggest shrimp female is pretty bold, just walks out there into the open and eyeballs curious tetras (who thankfully don't nip at her).

My son's having so much fun with the tank, that my daughter wants to get in on the action - in a few weeks we'll head to Pacific and let her choose a few Mickey Mouse platys, and then that should be it as far as fauna in the tank - a 20H shouldn't hold much more than that, right?

Oh, and I forgot, if the pH is too high and the water starts getting hard because of the petrified wood, I can always up the CO2 booster since right now I'm only putting in half the suggested daily dosage.

Oh, and just in case I forgot, the little gal left this message for me on our "to do" board this morning:

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