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German Blue Ram fry (Well, he ate them)

A week ago Sunday I got a pair of German Blue Rams. Two days later they spawned. Given everything I’ve read on the internet about them, I figured they’d eat the eggs or otherwise fail to parent (almost every site I read, including posts here on TPT, state that you have to remove the eggs and artificially hatch and raise them if you want any hope of survival).

Well, the eggs disappeared right about Thursday or Friday, and I figured, yep, the parents ate them. Well, NO, cause suddenly as of last night the male is surrounded by a cloud of fry! Not a huge cloud (maybe 30 or so), but still a lot for me to manage growing out. The dad is doing his job like trooper. He patrols the tank and rounds up stragglers. He guards the cluster in the hole he puts them in at night. So we’ll see how things go from here. I fed them some baby shrimp powder last night and put some brine shrimp eggs in to hatch (should be fast given that we’re having a heat wave).

Anyone have any advice or experience? Should I set up a separate grow out tank for them? If they spawn every month like people say they can, I'm going to be overrun, LOL!

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