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Originally Posted by jimmytruong87 View Post
If you want do natural tree , then I suggest you should buy manzanita wood with a lot of branches . After that, you can tie moss on dw.
Ever since your last reply Jimmy I have been seriously looking at ways to rescape my tank, and looking at a lot of the natrual and iwagumi designs on the internet. Thank you for challenging me As a beginner it is nice to be pushed forward.

Do you think I will be possible to rescape the tank and save the plants I have. Any suggestions on good place to get rocks and wood. I sourced mine from a city beach, not really idea, but earlier I wanted to save money for equipment. I don't think I can acess the b/s/t section of the fourm yet.

Originally Posted by Alaskan Fishface View Post
I think the fact that you have three items in the tanks and they are all different. There doesn't seem to be any unity.
Fishface, I see what you are saying. As expressed earlier in this post I am thinking about a rescape. You got the dis-unity thing worded clearly pointing out the 3 differnt peices. Check back in a few weeks to see if I am improveing.

Thank you everyone for your help.

Main question:
Can a rescapse be done and still save my plants. Should I DSM it again.?What is a good source for rocks?
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