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Thanks Zorfox.

I will have to get memorizing the molecular formulas shouldn't take to long, but yet again there all kind of similar lol.

Thanks for listing the ppm ranges, I presume them ranges are what I need to keep between during the week.

I will spend some time tomorrow morning and get more familiar with the calculator, from what your saying though, it sounds like my EI kit, is pretty close to those measurements, so hopefully what I am dosing is actually working, I was just paranoid I was dosing for no reason, aka the whole regime was inaccurate.

With the Epsom salt, are you saying that can be used as magnesium then? so I don't need to go out and buy anything else, and can keep what they provided even though its not "Magnesium Sulphate" ?

I also think the main concern/worry we found here is my nitrate test kits, and having to calibrate them... if I can get a accurate reading, hopefully a low one, then I can add Potassium Nitrate into my dosing, and hopefully see my pinholes fade away and get healthier leafs
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