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I've always lived in relatively small apartments and haven't had room for power tools and I've built 3 or 4 stands with just hand tools (with the exception of an electric drill). It takes patience and a little more effort and time but it's certainly possible to get nice results.

When I'm planning out the stand design I just try to account for the limitations of of my tools and resources and get HD/Lowes to make long cuts on plywood panels that I wouldn't be able to do myself. I use a lot of 1X4s and 1X3s in my construction because their a little easier to manage and cut by hand.

This stand was for a custom 90g wide and I built it primarily out of pine 1X4s. I made all the cuts myself with a cheap tenon saw and finished with a sanding block.

This one was for a 65g. I had Home Depot cut the birch plywood panels and cut and assembled the 1X4 supports myself:

This one was for my 300g paludarium and was built in a similar way

I'll be posting a build journal soon for my current ongoing project which is a disassembleable stand for my new 150g riparium, also built entirely with hand tools.
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