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Anyone with a large tank want to give me some thoughts on my canister arrangements? I'll be running two Rena XP4's which should be massive overkill (which I don't believe is possible for filtration but may make too much current) but I'm wondering about by intake/outake positions.

I'm thinking a spraybar on either narrow end of the tank spraying towards the middle, with both intakes low and roughly in the middle. Sort of like this:

I'm thinking of the green spraybar positions with either the blue or the yellow as intake positions - it seems people do fine with either - I'd prefer the yellow intake locations as I think that gives me a cleaner look - but I'm worried about not getting enough circulation in the middle of the tank that way.

Viewing Angles:
The front and left side of the tank will be viewable - the right side will be in the corner.

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