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Ok, now after one week I've been injection CO2 using calibrated pH controller then pH has stabilized from 7.8 down to 6.9-7.0 and have aquafertz iron & trace tabs under the crypt & nanas rooted. The rhizomes are not planted and several of the nana's are tied to driftwood. I have noticed "pearling" during my photoperiod for the first time ever in this tank. I have the lights on for 8hrs now for a week. I'm starting to see a lot of new leaves budding !

However, I am seeing even more hair (more like fuzz) algae and green spot on the leaves but due to plant health & recovery I do not want to reduce photoperiod much more to inhibit plant growth. I want to begin my column dosing regiment but want to try & understand something before I begin with the EI method. I do want to start growing multiple plant species & include the red colors but worry about transferring the algae issues to them. I want the algae virtually gone before introducing $100 worth of plants you know?

I only have about 4 larger nanas & 4-5 smaller ones in the 135gal tank along with about 8-10 crypts with a ton of new growth (small 2-3in leaves sprouting). All are very poor in health as I'm trying to recover them before buying more plants. I will clip the bigger old poor health leaves once the new ones get big enough.

I believe this to be a very low plant load at this point so their nutrient uptake will be minimal (also due to poor health). So, having highlight & CO2 now shall I dose EI method to about 25 or 50% of the calculated amounts for my tank until growth increases nutrients stabilize ?
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