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OK that first post is technically 4/29/13, today's post is 4/30/13. Checking the water as A-OK after the ten tetra have settled in (with no problem at just under 78 degrees either, which is good for future platys in a week or two), I decided that 10 Sakura shrimp isn't too much of a bioload to introduce today either, what with all the plants doing their thing too with algae ready to be chomped on. I was thinking of feeding the fish twice a day, but until I'm sure the bacteria is caught up on 10 tetra and 10 shrimp within 48 hours, I'll keep it at one feeding and monitor ammonia levels. I'll do another water change, probably 20% when the petrified wood arrives, probably on Thursday. For the shrimp, it'll be 10 juvies from this tank:

These are the petrified wood that are coming, about 20 pounds total in weight so I think it's fine without a foam cushion on the bottom of the tank. It's Nazlini from Arizona, so none of the color should leech out, it's been inert for like 200 million years, haha. Here it is wet, to give an idea of how it'll look in the tank. Four look mountain-rangey, two look good leaned against each other for a bridge type thing, and the one big one should do well in the back right corner hiding the thermometer, maybe with a tall plant or two peeking out from behind:

Hmm, one of the swords has pretty bad BBA, I had to prune about half its leaves already. I should just dump that plant before the BBA spreads to other plants. The other sword has fuzzy bright green algae that actually looks kinda nice behind the pagoda, I'll keep that. But yeah that BBAed sword is freaking me out - what a thing to introduce to a new tank! I think I'll get a marimo ball for the shrimp too, maybe park it solo in the light gravel corner to stand out.

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