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So yesterday I had some stuff to return to Cobasi (Pet Smart like) and with the credit I got an Eheim Ecco 2232 for R$ 510,00 (again, this is not the real price, Eheims are on sale).

I'm gonna run it in serie with my Ecco 2234. I always think that overfiltration is never a bad idea.

Here's how I set this up.

I put the 2232 on the inflow and the 2234 on the outflow.

I'm not sure how I´m gonna set the filtration order on these.

Should I put the blue sponge at the bottom of the 2232 then add a little
Eheim Substrate Pro and on the 2234 add the rest of the Substrate at the bottom and some activated carbon at the top (I'm gonna have carbon for at least 3 weeks)?

In serie:

Finally I went to the ADA distributor and got a few hardscape items:

Any idea of what kind of rock are these? (it looks like Dragon Stone)

look all the mess...luckily that's my spare office...LOL
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