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New Project - ADA Style Journal

Hey guys,

I've been into this hobby for like 5 years now, but just getting back after
2 years out of it.

I've always been a big fan of ADA works and now I want to start a project
like that.

Down here in Brazil imported stuff are veeeeery expensive and we only have
one place that represents ADA. So itīs very hard to find their products here.

To start, about 2 weeks ago (it takes about 4 to get ready) I ordered a tank (looks like ADA, itīs rimless but itīs not crystal clear) size 60 x 35 x 35 (I'm gonna use meter ok?)

And on the next day, I got an Eheim Ecco 2234 canister from Cobasi (it's like Pet Smart), a Jebo overhead lightining and a CO2 Set from Ista (1 liter).

I'm gonna put the prices on the top of the pics, so you guys can have an idea
of how expensive things are down here. Just divide it by 2 and you'll get dollar amount.

R$ 300,00 (that was kind of cheap, it usually runs around R$ 500,00)

R$ 150,00 (got it from second hand, it runs around R$ 500,00)

R$ 570,00 (the store had it on sale, they're not gonna sell Eheim anymore, so this runs around R$ 700,00)

To be continued...
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