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Originally Posted by Mumford View Post
I love all these DIY stands, but is it possible to do without any power sanders, saws, etc?....
It seems not many here were poor students in the 70's

From my youth "hippie stand" ~ A standard concrete block is 16x8x8. Stacked 4 high your at 32" which is ave. stand height. HomeDepot sells Plywood in a 'Hobby Pannel size 2'x4' and 1/2 sheets of Plywood that are 4'x4' Home depot does 1 or 2 cuts free. Cut the plywood so you have a base & top. Set the base on the floor, stack your blocks add your top.....Done! No tools, power or hand needed.

Options - You can use additional plywood as shelves by laying them between the blocks. You can use a yoga mat as a gasket between the blocks. You can seal the plywood with, "Howard's Feed-n-Wax" from HomeDepot. I use it to refinish my gun stocks & grips. It's just Bee's was & Orange oil. You simple rub it on the wood with a rag. Again, NO tools needed.

Google image search "concrete block shelf" for further ideas.

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