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Originally Posted by mrbooz8787 View Post
I keep severl types including blue gularis, gardenaris,A.stitarum, a.austale,f.spoorebergi. what are your water parmeter food tank size all that fun stuff also mosses are your best friend when raising killi fry I have put 30 fry in a tank with java moss and some times it will take up to a month before I see them again also the fry are very sensitive to chemicals what do u add to your water? ?
I have them in small containers loaded with Java moss. I had a batch of 50 eggs, 27 hatched on the first wetting, I did a water change in the fry tray(lesson learned) and killed them all. I have a few other fry from some other wettings that are about a week old but I don't know if they are eatting. I have been adding a few baby fairy shrimp each morning but they don't really look like they are growing...

I have the water temp around 78 and my PH is about 6.8. I just use distilled tap with Prime. No other chemicals. I don't use water from my other tanks because I add so much ferts, I wasn't sure how the killy's would like it.

A few of the fry do swim around but about half of them just lay on the bottom, when I can see them anyways... I have a ton of moss in them.

I will take some pics tonight of how I have them setup.


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