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Is my EI dosing method effective/working?

Amateur question here from someone who likes to keep it simple, as just started out. I am having algae problem on the algea thread, but I have pinholes in one of my stem plants and a crypt.

Can someone look over my dosing for me and see if it should be working/effective or am I wasting my time each morning/doing it wrong.

Tank Size: 20G, 90 Litres.

"These are what I purchased in a starter kit.
2 x 500ml Dosing Bottles
1 x 500g Potassium Nitrate
1 x 250g Potassium Phosphate
1 x 500g Magnesium Sulphate
1 x 250g Chelated Trace Elements

Standard Ei Dosing [This is a guideline only]

Macro Solution
Mix, Shake & Leave to Dissolve Overnight:
4tsp Potassium Nitrate < I avoided this as my Nitrate is always 40ppm does not matter what I do or how many plants I get its always 40ppm :S So wierd.
1tsp Potassium Phosphate
6tsp Magnesium Sulphate
500ml Water

Micro Solution
Mix, Shake & Leave to Dissolve Overnight:
1tsp Chelated Trace Elements
500ml Water

Macro 3x a week. (10ml per 50ltr of Aquarium water)
Micro 3x a week. (10ml per 50ltr of Aquarium water)
20-50% weekly water change."

Video ""

This is how I dose it what I was recommended:

Sunday - 50% w/c then dose 18ml Macro
Mon - 18ml Micro
Tue - 18ml Macro
Wed - 18ml Micro
Thu - 18ml Macro
Fri - 18ml Micro
Sat - Rest Day

I did have a look around and I see a lot of people recommend calculators I could not find one that had mine listed as its a kit, and did not understand how to do it all separately. Thanks for any help on this, if I do have to change my dosing, can someone recommend or tell me a good pre mixed liquid solution I can make and how to dose etc, or hopefully touch wood the dosing I use now is good enough for my plants.

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