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Originally Posted by steven p View Post
Most of the mosses like it cooler than most people keep a tropical tank.

Also, mollies and platies don't hybridize as far as I know. Mollies and guppies may, swords and platies may... As far as I know... Are they just balloon mollies?
There was a black molly dad and mom who produced a lot of baby black mollies, who eventually got sold. It's possible that the white platies sold to me were actually mollies, in which case, they're just cute, home-grown dalmation mollies. Balloon mollies are horrible! I wouldn't ever have them.

The tank is room temperature, so 72-76 degrees. Even though I put in a brighter light, the bottom of the tank stayed relatively cold. The main thing that pushed it over, I think, was the addition of the rams.
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