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Mourning my moss

So, when I started the most recent tank revision, I had a lovely crop of mixed moss.

Over time, my tank started to grow beautifully. But I noticed something. The moss, unlike its friends, was beginning to go brown.

When I picked it up, it was a terrible, bristly mat with no tiny fronds. Most of the soft growth had vanished.

It eventually looked so terrible that I got rid of it altogether.

So what happened, you might ask? I can give you a list:
Three long-fin rams
Three hybrid molly/platties
Three of the laziest algae eaters this side of a fishtank.

They turned my lovely moss into a *$)@&$!)& salad bar. I don't know what convinced them to go into moss-eating overdrive. There's certainly algae all over the place to eat. There are lots of other plants, as well. But no, the soft and tasty moss was the best thing to munch on. Now, my favorite plant (moss), is no more.
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