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Here is my 72 gallon bowfront, still very much within its infancy.

This is my largest planted tank that I have had so far, had a 50 gallon tank set up until I broke it down when I decided to try saltwater. Decided to back to freshwater and wanted a tank that was a planted jungle tank. I am running a 48" Finnex Fugeray on this tank. Stocking is just starting on this tank with some neon tetras, Robert's tetras and Peppered Cories. Over the next few months I will be adding to the number of Robert's Tetras and Peppered Cories. I will also be adding a nice school of Rummy Nose tetras, and the stars of this tank will be a group of angels.

At this moment my favorite feature of this tank is the led lighting, at least until the angels are able to be placed in this tank. With the leds I have noticed considerable growth with some of my plants even with out adding CO2. Also I love the idea of not having to replace bulbs every year. My tip to fellow hobbyist is to make sure to take time to research what you want to do. You will have more success and enjoyment in this hobby if you take your time and research what you want to do with your tank, getting the right equipment to start off with, choosing fish that will be compatible with each other and making sure that you can provide what is needed for the animals that you are keeping in your tanks.

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