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switched to corrugated pond tubing, 1.25" pvc and T, stuffed some filter foam under the pipes entering the sump. most of the bubbling noise is now gone. I'm thinking of upgrading to a large tube though.

most of my noise now is water movement in the tubes, and this:

I think i might pick up some 1.25" pond tube, like the other stuff i have. I only saw it in the local Lowes by my house. I checked the one near work as well as the home depot and they only have 1". I think I may run 1.25" pond tubing into a 1.25" barb adapted to a 3" T and hang it on the side of the sump and see how that goes.

i think the reducing barb adapter is causing too much restriction/agitation resulting in a ton of noise.

and here are some current shots of the basement itself. we're just a few weekends away from being done. finally

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