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Originally Posted by esarkipato View Post
That's an interesting theory.

To follow up (for Tritan), I believe Rick Preuss, or someone else of authority, called him personally to clear things up (now THAT'S service!). They ended up reducing the price of that particular light....which to me basically admits overcharging!

I'm not trying to get in the middle of this AT ALL.....and like I said before I love the store and hope to support them soon! I just think Tritan probably had a point as far as overpriced equipment goes.

I think that's pretty obvious
Hey guys,

Sorry for the late responds kind of forgot to check this post. I have run into alot of people and discussed the problem I had at the store. Like esarkipato said I did recieve a personal PM after some of there spys reported this post to the store. Thats fine I am glad it got back to them so they could address the problems and look into the price gouging. I was asked to call and talk to the manager on duty and he explained to me what happend and offered me a discount on my next purchase. I Live an hour away don't know when or if that is going to happen but sure wish I could have gotten those lights for a better price at the time.
i did get the T-5 lights from Big Als online 2 day shipping they where two 48inch fixtures plus added a 10,000 k bulb for the price of there one freshwater fixture. i was told that problem has been taken care of and was glad to hear my post made a difference. I think i am going to stick with ordering hardware from online and fish and plants from the stores.
I was extremely happy with the conversation on the phone hope some day to make a road trip back to check out some plants that I can't find around here. Over all it was a positive experience.

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