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I saved a thread a while back that showed how to make a bubble trap on the drain. The little holes you put on the horizontal part of the drain don't seem to be venting air well, maybe something like this would work better? I wouldn't want to drain to air either, talk about degassing! I also used to burp horizontal runs of tubing as they collect noisy air bubbles. Getting rid of those dips would have been a better solution of course! Maybe the combination of this plus the Durso would be acceptable. I do love my Herbie though. Reading through the Reef Central Herbie thread one can find examples of Herbies with double overflow boxes and google of the site comes up with 55K hits.
Water coming out of the tank makes loud noise...

Try blocking one of the returns on each pair to see if you like the flow better. If you put on anything you will reduce flow, don't want that. Getting rid of as much tubing and sharp angles on the returns as you can will pay off as well.
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