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This is my main, and largest tank, 125 gallons, 6 feet long with all natural decorations, (except Rexie, the small blue t-rex who has babysat my fish since the beginning)

I started this tank July of last year and it has come a long way since then. I originally started with a 55 then moved up when good deal came along, so I had a few plants/fish and accessories built up to move over which made things much easier.

This tank has pressurized c02, 4 t5ho lights and just recently mgocpm soil capped with play sand.

My favorite part of this tank is the fish, I have built the whole tank around my congo tetras, currently only a school of seven but soon to be moved up to at least 20. My other main school is peppered corydora catfish, with all but 3 being bred by me. My next favorite feature of the tank is the plants, the plants were first introduced to make the fish more comfortable, and to be a more realistic home for them, but quickly became a favorite of my own as well, though never rivaling the fish for dominance.

My main tip for aquarist is always put your fish first, make them happy and they will always return the favor.

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