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I installed the glossy glass top which were 20 dollars. They came with those sticker glued on both side. It's a very nice system they have, you can use a knife to cut the stickers to remove the top. I really hope this top doesn't crack. The ikea product specialist (uhm ok?) said it was fine. I told him I was using a mat under the tank, he said even better.

Trying out Seachem's new line. I love the bottles! Seachem is going all Apple on us and it's working on me. Hint: You can use reuse the bottles for DIY dry fertilizers. God knows it's looks better than a tub of white powder in them.

First few splashes of water in the tank for funies.

This is what I end up with, I still have about 1 - 2 L of AquaSoil. Not bad compared to other substrates.

Anyone know what this is on the Ruyoh rocks? I know it be used, but what plant is this?

I just don't want some sort of crazy algae. It looks like HC Cuba close up, I can see small leafs, maybe 3 - 4 around a circle.

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