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I came to the Pennsylvania forum on here to start a thread for All Oddball, but I'll just chime in on this one, because I LOVE THIS STORE!

At least once a year my fiance and I make the drive out to Pittsburgh to visit his family and friends, but we always find time to stop by Eric's place on the way out of town to grab some fish and catch up on gossip. He's got an AWESOME selection; the standard, bread-and-butter fish, as well as a wide assortment of rarer stock. I really like being able to cherry pick some of the nicest tank-bred fish I've seen in stores, especially while talking to someone as informative and energetic as Eric is.

As far as the plant selection goes, I consider it right up there with the fish. Tim does a good job of picking and choosing which species to carry with the space he has and I really love his setup. The tanks are well-maintained and growing like crazy every time I drop by. I really love the two display tanks I've seen so far and can't wait to get back there next spring to see how they've grown in.

The only thing that really lets me down is the lack of space I have at home for more species. The freshwater tanks at home are all, except one, filled with fish from All Oddball... looks like I'll have some tank buying to do very soon!

Thanks, Eric, for having such a cool store... hope you can get up to visit my store again soon!

-Sarah (and Kirby)

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