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Originally Posted by melanotaenia View Post
Make sure all tubing, siphons, and buckets are also used separately.

And add some type of hiding pieces (PVC, etc.) that are inert so they don't interfere with meds but allow new fish to hide when introduced
Oh yes, I do remember reading that but forgot, thanks for reminding me!

Originally Posted by K8xp View Post
x2 ^^ I keep my QT in a quiet place and keep the lights off the whole month they are in there. They are by a window with curtains to get only a little light. PVC pipe is great and also a some medum sized stones just to give some natural feel.

I prefer not to medicate if fish don't need it. If you do get an ich outbreak I'd recommend curing it the natural way with heat:
Thanks for the suggestions and link! I'll be bookmarking that.

Originally Posted by frog111 View Post
'curing' ich with heat is a bit of a misnomer in my view. Heating the tank to well above average temps for most fish, simply accelerates the life cycle of the ich parasite, dramatically shortening the time the free swimming stage has to find and infect a host. So depending on tank size, fish load, and parasite loading, heating, while one approach, may not work as well as copper or other meds, and may contribute to stress for a diseased fish.

I generally treat my quarantine tanks with copper sulfate, which takes care of any parasites typically, but reserve the use of antibiotics for actual, observed infections or diseases. All too often parasites have made it through quarantine with no apparent symptoms, only to appear when placed into the display tank.
Thank you for your input and recommendation of treating with copper sulfate. I'll look into that. Do you recommend any specific brand?

Would love to hear more opinions!
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