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Thanks guys. I'll be upping the nutrient dosing for NO3, PO4 and trace. My PO4 usually never goes over 2-3ppm so I don't think the increase will hurt anything. I will see if the increase in traces change anything at all. The hair algae is VERY minimal but if it's there at all I see that as a sign of something going on hence the reason I did water testing.

I just thought the uptake would be generally the same. However, different plants use varying levels of nutrients so I suppose that's a bad summation.

@plantbrain, I didn't realize that the KH/CO2 relationship was only based on carbonates. It makes sense now that you pointed it. It just never dawned on me. The more I learn about aquariums especially in regards to acid base balance the more I realize it parallels medicine. In fact, nearly identical for the human body. Thanks.
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