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For larger tanks, Ecocomplete seems to be the better option due to not having to clean 300-400lbs of gravel.

I'm personally not fond of the new multi color 4 type of stuff they are now selling, but it's okay.

Soil/ADA/clay based stuff tends to cause a lot of headaches at larger scales for various tanks and users.

Muck and mud and cloudiness, these are much less of an issue for smaller tanks, or for folks who do not mind tearing the tank down completely and redoing it from the ground up anytime they want to move things around. This means buying new soil each time you do this and more labor.

A 3rd option is black flourite, nice color, 2 sizes regular and then the sand is really nice IME.

But washing it is a bit of work.
It will last forever.

Plain old sand works also.

Tom Barr
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