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ADA 60P|MicMol AquaMini X2| PurpleMonkeyDishwasher

Hi, this is my new ADA 60P. I call the scape, Purple Monkey Dishwasher

AquaSoil 9L
Ryuoh Stones

Eheim Classic 250

Matheson 3122 custom build / 2 outputs

Ikea something

I'm pumped,

Setup with stand:
You think this can hold up 18 gallons?

Lighting - 10 bucks:
I'll switch them out if they are not enough, 23 watt CFL bulbs.

Looks decent, super cheap too.

My DIY garden mat:
It's a non slip bathroom mat.

Again, do you think this can hold up a ADA 60P, Soil, Rocks?

The stuff inside:

My beloved Matheson 3122, the best conversation starter. Disregard the rubber bands, will come up with something better. A string or some bubble gum maybe.

I did this with Flourite Black and Paintball Co2, hopefully I can do better.

And this

"Journal too long, just show me the pictures"

Here ya go:

Dates according to Imgur's upload time.

1st scape 7months ago

HC Cuba carpet with DHG as back up (I had doubts about HC)

2nd look 5 months ago

3rd look 4 months ago
Bob Ross approves of the tank

4th look 3 months ago

5th look 2 weeks ago
New MicMol leds, I switch to Glosso mid way

Feb 15th
My first gloss trimming, I'm in need of quality scissors.

March 15th
White LED on, Blue/Colour off

March 26th

Miscellaneous garbage.

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E-series E60 on ADA60F - MicMol AquaMini x3 on ADA 60P - MicMol AquaPro on ADA30C

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