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KensFish food recommendations?

I'm ordering some miscellaneous supplies from KensFish and I'm about $20 short on receiving free shipping. So I figured I'd buy some fish food for my future fish*, but I have no idea what to get.

(*I won't be able to start cycling my tank for another two weeks, so it's very likely it will be at least a month before I'll actually have fish to feed. I'm assuming I'll have to freeze whatever food I get until then.)

Here is what I plan to stock my tank with:

- cories
- a few male guppies
- otos
- tetras (rummynose or cardinal)
- harlequin rasbora
- potentially a ram pair or gourami, but that's farther down the road
- hopefully some hardy shrimpies

I'm looking for a few varieties that would be suitable for the above. What do you recommend?
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