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Nutrient uptake ratios...

I have a 10g which I started two months ago. It has two 21w CFLs, pressurized CO2 @39ppm. It has grown to heavily planted. I've been dosing EI with 50% WC weekly.

My plan was to use the plants I had for cycling then rescape. But since I will be moving in 1-2 months I decided to let jungle grow until the move.

Yesterday I tested the water because I started to see some hair algae.
PH = 6.4
KH = 4dh
GH = 3dh
PO4 = 1ppm
Ammonia, nitrites 0
Nitrate = 0!

My kno3 solution raises the NO3 to 3.2ppm with each dose. I double dosed yesterday which brought it up to about 6-7ppm. Today nitrates are 0. Phosphate is about 2 after another KH2PO4 dose. I find it hard to believe the plants are uptaking 6ppm of NO3 per day. The kit is calibrated btw.

So my question is. Since the nitrate and phosphate uptake is obviously not in sync how do I know what plantex CSM + B to dose without an iron kit. Should I increase that by 1/3 or so? I have no idea where I am and would rather not wait for deficiecy problems.

Is there a general ratio for the three in regards to uptake I could use to make an educated guess?
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