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When your "this will be my last tank" was every tank for the last 3...soon to be 4 tanks

When your LFS calls you asking questions about planted tanks

When you have a bedsheet in the car for wrapping "a good deal tank/free tank" from craigslist

When you take days off from work to go to Aquarist society meetings

When you use 97 cent storage bins to grow moss (because you ran out of cups)

When you run to the grocery store just to buy veggies for your fish (with no other reason to go)

When you randomly google something like "55 Gallon Planted Tank" click images and click one and then the over arrow and then realize that two hours have gone by

When you make new tanks just to watch a different plant grow

When your friends tell you that "you shouldn't be majoring in that, you need to major in Fish and Biology"
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