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Hi! I'm interested in ordering some tissue culture plants from you but I've heard some mixed reviews. Some members have had a good experience with ordering plants from you. SEVERAL have expressed uneasiness with their order. Some people complained that their plants arrived melted and when they contacted you for a refund, you said NO REFUND but instead aggressively pushed to re-send them new plants (some of which they didn't order and have no interest in).

I've taken these comments and experiences with a grain of salt, but I'd like to know what your policy is for plants that arrive melted or in not good shape. I understand these plants come from Italy so they are going through quite a lot of transit time. What assurance can I get that you won't ship me plants that are already on the melted side? Is it true that you won't offer a refund for plants that arrive in poor condition?

I'm very interested in ordering some TC plants from you, as I've ordered some in the past from a different vendor with great success, but I want to clarify some details to be clear as to the condition of the plants we can expect upon receipt and what happens if we aren't happy with the condition of the plants. Will a refund be viable? B/c I don't want another shipment of plants that I have no interest in as a "replacement".
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