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Originally Posted by xenxes View Post
There was a ton of rock. A lot are piled near the waterfall box.

Saw a little brown-ish frog the other day.

Shrimp are rili. Platies are taking over the pond. The gold fish eat some of the fry but can't keep up with the population boom. Good mosquito control though.

Water is slightly clearer.. note all the fallen leaves :/
The little frog you saw if bit bigger than a dart frog is an hourglass frog , I love them because they are termite and ant eaters but they don't need a pond to breed but are attracted to moist areas.
At night you hear them in the yard, sound like crickets.

I would be interested in seeing how your rili shrimp do in mid summer . Platies are your best bet rather than golds because they laugh at summer heat and handle chilly winter days aslong as it warms up in a few days and it always does.

I would plant something to provide some shade over atleast 1/4 of pond whether plants in pots or bush's,etc.

Rainy season is coming up but when fall, winter hit you can always siphon some pond water into a plastic pale using small powerhead and tube to water your plants and add fresh dechlorinated water in the pond.
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