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I don't know if they are really personable per se. they are cute little fish and swim kind of funny and slow. but they all pretty much do the same thing.

a bit of anthropomorphism if you ask me. I got most of mine from AA.

males develop strong yellow fins but I have one that has more of orange fins

having 20 in my 75 gallon has been my goal for a while.

problems though...
-as adults they don't school so I have a lot of tiny fish swimming around my tank doing their own thing
--scale, even from 10' away I just have some pale yellow fish in a big tank
---I am of the opinion you either have a dwarf puffer tank or you don't (other fish aren't safe, my rcs population is dwindling...)
----my wife thinks they are boring, cute but boring

What I really need is a basement and have a tank set up just for puffers and another tank with 'pretty' fish for the family.

But that won't be for a while.

my first batch was 12 puffers special ordered. all looked great in the bag, acclimated to my tank over 15 minutes. a few days later all were dead except one.

next batch were from AA, 10 of them. slow acclimation over 30 minutes. all still kickin months later.

If anyone is interested I decided, with the wifes urging, to go ahead and do rainbow fish instead.

20L My Other Tank: OEBT Shrimp
40B Inlaws Tank: 2 goldfish
75 Main Tank w/ sump: 5 Glossolepis pseudoincisus, 5 Melanotaenia boesemani, 10 Melanotaenia praecox, 5 Melanotaenia lacustris, some cories, a bn pleco and rainbow fish fry
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