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LOL! Thanks Gary for the unique compliment.

Toksyn--Thank you! Yes, the branch pictured has Hygrolon on it, and it has done exceedingly well for my purposes. The moss always grows so nicely on it!

Keith--Thank you, Sir! Lucky pics is all.

Marko! Thanks man! I was thinking about getting an SAE, but nobody has ever given me "true" SAE's in the past. Do you have a trusted source? Please let me know!

The neos, frustratingly enough, aren't doing well, and I'm not sure why. I can't tell if I am over-watering, under-water, under-fertilizing, over-lighting, etc. You have any suggestions? One has died....the leaves curled up on themselves and drooped. They seem to be the only plants not doing that well. Any pointers for me?

Truong---thank you for making time to read through the whole thing! I try to add a lot of pictures so it keeps it righteous. I appreciate that you like and your kind words mean a lot to me. Thank you for looking through this journal!

10Gallon---Thank you! Of course I don't what you want, and I hope it comes out looking great!! I'd like to see it when you're done!

The Manzy branches are wrapped in long fiber sphagnum moss, some areas have Hygrolon as a base. Of course, I've added leaves and other netted detritus to add to that for some nutrient value. Most plants have thrived, which I'm a little surprised at considering how dry it is in the house. I'll take it though!

Last set of pics. I yanked up that huge crypt (I'm calling in C. affinis "undulata" until I'm proven wrong....) in the center of the tank. It was a doozy getting it out, but after enough tearing and cursing, she came out alright. It really changed the look, so I'll have to re-do some stuff in there and take some more pics this week.

Pretty rare Ludwigia linearis:

Left Side:



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