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Map Turtle Help

Long story short...
My neighbor "rescued" a perfectly fine baby map turtle from a creek about a year ago. When I moved in I saw the disaster of a 10g tank he was keeping it in, and offered to rescue it myself. I've been through a few tanks with her so far but I don't have the correct tank for her. At first I kept her in my 55g with my aggressive fish, but didn't have the correct hood to allow for proper basking area. All else I had was a 20g rimless I was planning to do intensive aquascaping in so for now I made a tiny beach and basking area. Only about 10g total of water in the tank. I KNOW I can't keep her in here for much longer and I feel absolutely horrible about the conditions she's being kept in. I do not have the funds/space to get a proper sized tank. My question now is would it be ok to take her back to that same creek and release her into the wild? She has been in captivity for over a year now and I'm horribly afraid she won't remember how to hunt. My other option is taking her to a LFS and hoping for the best but the odds of her ending up in a good home are slim to none. Nevertheless, something needs to happen soon. I don't want her in this tiny tank any longer than she has to be. Please help.
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