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Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
mermaid factory it looks like lol.
Yeah, they are pumping them out lately. This picture was taken just after I cleaned the glass and removed most of their moss mass (to expose more of the rock surface to the light, as that's where they graze), which scared most of them under the rock. If you look carefully you will see the ones on top exactly fit under the shadow of the remaining moss.

Originally Posted by Loachutus View Post
It's gotta be wicked cool to see all those white arm's movin.

So with the flushing of the RO membranes, will you ever have to replace them?
The interesting thing about this specie that I don't see in any other specie is that they align themselves like cows do. They all try to face the direction of the guy next to them. This of course makes the white claw action all that MORE mesmerizing. Remember that video I sent you? I hope to be there within a year.... heh heh heh...

Flushing the membranes will prolong their lifespan and increase their efficiency during their lifespan, but they will eventually need to be replaced.



B: These pics are for you:


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