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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
Very nice build, I like those gauges, is that stock?

What piece of glass are you talking about, the one on the bubble counter? Mine is not glass at all, it's plastic, strange. How are you going to use the SMC? Have you tried it out yet?
Yes, the gauges are stock. I bought the regulator new as well, so they are smudge and blemish free.

When I say "glass" I am speaking in the sense of its function, not material. Yes, it is plastic. And the darned thing just broke with almost no torque on it at all.

I had a devil of a time finding the tiniest leak! I pressurized it, then shut the valve. No visible leaks with soapy water, but after a few hours, the low fell from 30 to zero. The high side is rock solid at 900. I checked and checked and FINALLY found an almost invisible little leak at the low side gauge, where I had to take it off to install everything else. Another 360 turn, and it has been 16 hours without any decrease in pressure.
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