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I have a crypt only with a few stems tank check my sig. The last couple pictures have a couple pots in it that I'm farming out but you can get the gist of the idea. I went for a rocky slope with lots of crypts as my foreground, background, and mid ground. Type in Cryptocoryne only tank and you can get some ideas of what to do with it. (Even if you don't go all crypts it will help to arrange them.) with your current set up I think putting the lotus farther to the right and then rearranging your stems to get the taller ones in either corner with a slope down towards the middle would look cool. Then use your crypts as more of a midgroundish. It might be worth your while to look into getting a few more smaller crypt varieties and a few less stems. But it's up to you. My suggestions would be C. Nevillii and then make your wood a more central focal point. It's kinda being drowned out by the plant mass.
Good luck my friend!
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