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Originally Posted by wicca27 View Post
things working better with the shrimp now i take it. are plants still getting all they need nitrate wise?
Oh, definitely so. The plants are showing much slower, but yet steady growth (now that they are not showered in nitrate pudding each meal), you can see this by all the fresh growth tips on the moss.

Your question brings us back to our bridal theme colors, below.

The system is now running a nice balance of micronutrients and macronutrients (for plants, that is). It's running tank feed water at nominally 5 ppm nitrates (left, in picture) and 0.5 ppm phosphates (right, in picture), as our colors show, a good ratio for plant growth and yet algae control.



I keep forgetting to update. Our Red Tiger female, who had her a fling NOT with a Red Tiger (she wanted to "find herself" and said she couldn't do that within the "cloistered feeling of her OWN community," so she went outside her circles and found herself a boyfriend elsewhere - well, OK, mebbe DK was an enabler, here), dropped her young several days ago and immediately reberried. I have seen two microbabies at once in there, and continue to look for them, but I do know they are in there and surviving.

I have a berried pumpkin rili - she is so pretty with her orange and clear body and neon yellow berries!

A couple months ago I split out the black tigers - upper tank to drive the population into various broke-blacks types (T-Rex, Overo, etc.), lower tank to drive the population toward solid blacks. While I was running around firestomping and head-banging trying to figure out all the details of RO-DKstyle, they've been busy gettin' busy in there, I discovered yesterday. Apparently they have some sort of floozie competition going with the Mermaids, to see who can be the most promiscuous.

Ever since I finished the WFIII DKMSJ work, everyone has been pumping out the babies, but the capture rate was affected by the nitrates. Now that's being corrected...


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